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Market Watch for October 2010
There's a Booze App For That
Wirtz Beverage Group on 11.13.10
Buy your bud a beer anywhere in the world
Draft Magazine on 05.19.10
Buy-a-Round for your friends on Facebook, no really.
BetterBeerBlog on 05.19.10
Reposted by Beer Festen on 05.19.10
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Beer2Buds will make you the greatest friend! on 06.04.10
Facebook "Buy-a-Round" Feature Launches For American Craft Beer Week
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Bodega and Beer2Buds Partnering Allows Users to Buy Friend a Beer with Virtual Currency
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Beer Bloggers Conference Interview
Beer Bloggers Conference on 09.28.10
Great Beer iPhone Apps Interview
Beer Goddess on 09.25.10
OmniTechNews at Gnomedex Interviews Libby Tucker (Founder)
OmniTechNews on 09.02.10
Jeffrey Kingman: Virtual Front Door: Restaurants
Jeffrey Kingman of Chalkboarder, hospitality social media expert, talks about trends in the food and beverage industry and mentions Beer2Buds as part of the new and coming trends in the industry.
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