How it works

Buying a beer for your buddy couldn’t be simpler. No longer shall distance, time, or beers on hand be an issue. Using Beer2Buds, you can easily send your friend a REAL beer via the Internet. Here’s how you can buy your friend a beer:

Buy a beer
Personalize buying a beer
Pay for your beer


  1. While visiting, select the “Send Beer Now” button or “Buy a Beer” link
  2. Fill in your friend’s contact information and type a personal message (optional).
  3. Add beer money using credit card or PayPal.
  4. Select an amount from $5 to $25 and send your friend a beer.

Your work is now done! You just bought your friend a beer. Sit back and crack one open as positive karma flows your way.

Redeem your beer
Redeem your beer on your iPhone


  1. Your buddy gets a message via email and text (if you opted to send a text) with their drink code waiting for them.
  2. They follow the link provided or visit the Drink Your Beer page and type in their drink code.
  3. Your buddy then selects their favorite pub, amount to spend, and they bring their beer card (via print out or on their iPhone) to the pub.
  4. The bartender honors the beer card and either gives your buddy a beer, a bar-specified value package (such as a free beer plus appetizer), or a cash discount off their tab.

Note: When redeeming your beer card, be prepared to show ID - you must be of legal drinking age in the establishment’s location. Remember to drink responsibly & tip your bartenders well. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy your beer!

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