Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the an expiration date on my beer card?
The cards have a one year expiration until the bar is selected. Once selected, you have 10 days to use your beer card.

Q. Do I get cash back?
You must spend equal to or greater than the amount of beer money you select. It is up to each individual establishment if they set any restrictions, so be sure to look at the website first on the Drink Your Beer page to see what they listed.

Q. Does it include tip?
It's up to the individual establishment if tip may be included. Assume that it's not and bring money to tip your bartender. After all, they work hard, make sure to tip.

Q. What if I lost my beer card?
You were sent a copy of your card in your email. Check your email that your friend used to originally send you a beer. To request a new card, email, subject 'Lost beer card'. Be sure to include - date sent, who sent it, your name (that your friend used), your full name, and if you have it, the REF (drink) code.

Q. Do I have to just drink beer?
No need to be a beer lover. The beer card works similar to cash. You can order whatever you'd like at the bar, unless the bar has any restrictions, or unless they specifically set up a value package (such as $10 = free beer and appetizer). Make sure to check the website before you head to the bar.

Q. What if the bar doesn't redeem my beer card?
If the bar is on the list and the beer card is valid, and the bar doesn't accept it, send an email to with subject 'Bar did not accept beer card' and enter the establishment name and details, including date you attempted to use it. Each location has agreed to accept your beer card and if they do not accept it, Beer2Buds stands by their policy to make happy customers. Email if you are not satisfied.

Q. I was given $25 but the bar I want to go to only has $5 and $10 offers. Can I still use my beer card?
Absolutely. In fact, you can split up the amount and use it at multiple locations. We recently launched a feature called Add Beer Money. This allows you to add money to your account and either gift it to your friends or use it yourself. For example, you can now send 5 friends $5 beer cards, or you can use $15 at one bar and $10 at another. Get more beer for your buck! If you think the bar should have a $25 offer, or package, suggest it to them.

Q. I entered my drink code and the bar I wanted is no longer selectable. Why did this happen?
You must have enough beer money in your account to meet the bar's minimum offer. If you have $10 of beer money you can select bars with $5 and $10 offerings. To select a bar with offers above $10, you can always add more beer money.

Email at any time with additional questions.

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