Help George Celebrate his Birthday with a Beer

Calling all Beer Bloggers, Friends, Beer Lovers, Fans, Dogs, Cats, Trees and Rocks:

I need your help.

Pam sent her father, George, a gift for his birthday. We were fortunate enough that Pam chose us for her father’s special day.

George Needs a Beer

Google said this was "George"

I don’t know George, but there are many like him, who deserve a beer for their birthday.

The Problem? George lives in Kansas City. We don’t yet have a Beer2Buds bar in Kansas City.

I pinged the twitterspere and facebooked my request for help finding bars in Kansas City. I got a few suggestions. Great. So I contacted those bars. I used Facebook and Twitter.  I got no response. (Update: I got one response – from Flyer Saucer – thanks guys! – now they just have to accept Beer2Buds)

George is thirsty.

I’m looking to pool together folks that can help give George a place to enjoy his beer.

  • Any suggestions of bars I can contact in or around Kansas City?
  • How can we make this process work better in the future? Is calling the bar really the only way? Even then, it’s just one person – me – trying to prove that they have customers waiting to go visit them to use Beer2Buds. They aren’t listening and they are missing out.  How can I use social media and you to reach them?

SudsyMaggie, beer blogger, just sent her friend a beer in PA. Thanks, Maggie! We want Maggie’s friend to be able to have a beer in a place they enjoy.

Sudsy Maggie, Beer Blogger, sent her friend a beer using Beer2Buds

When you suggest a bar to Beer2Buds, we contact them. But I want the bars to hear from you, their customer, where you want to go to have your beer.

And I want to hear from the bars that they’re really using social media to connect with their customers!

Help me help George and the thousands like him. We made it easy to send a beer anywhere in the world and for a bar to sign up. Now all we need is your help reaching out to them.  And, help drinking a beer!


Updates… some great people and friends are helping get the word out – but still nowhere for George to drink his beer:

Friends helping in the mission for George to have his Birthday Beer

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  1. admin says:

    Haven’t tried it – yet. Have you? Sounds like it would be a great Guinness World Record to hold.

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