About Beer2Buds

What is Beer2Buds? I was sitting at my desk on a Friday afternoon and my friend from Sweden sent me a virtual beer in an email.

I thought "If only I could really drink that!" It was a great gift from a good friend thousands of miles away.

Of course we couldn't share a beer together as we had in the past, but wouldn't it be great if somehow I could have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the memories it brought me!

Beer2Buds is a place where you can send your friend a beer and reconnect. Miles separate us and even though your friends or family might live far away from you, what better way to reconnect than with a beer that you used to share together. Now you can reunite in your experience and send one online.

Join us in our mission, to send your friend a beer wherever they are, whether they live across town but you can't be there to share or if they live halfway across the world. Maybe they are traveling and you're thinking of them, or it's their birthday. Whatever the occasion, your friend could use a beer.

Please give your feedback to make this a better site and to help connect beer and friends all over the world.


Libby Tucker

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